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Moshe Golan
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Company Profile
3QBD was founded in April 2000 by two highly skilled professionals, Dr. Avraham Lorber and Dr. Zeev Karpas, both well known analytical chemists, each with over 30 years experience in the area of biotechnology.3QBD's vision has always been to provide the field of Women's Healthcare with a new diagnostic tool that would improve the health and wellbeing of women throughout the world. Today, with the first 3QBD Solution, women can receive better healthcare as their gynecologists, obstetricians or healthcare...Read more

Moshe Golan, President & CEO

3QBD provides professionals with a 60 second cost effective diagnostic tool for a Quick, Qualified & Quality diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis.
The unique VG-Test diagnostic solution, solves a problem affecting countless women worldwide. The solution enhances gynecologists ability to accurately diagnose the most common, sometimes asymptomatic, bacterial vaginal infection within 60 seconds. Especially relevant in pregnancy.
The VG-Test is CE marked for diagnosing the most common vaginal infections, Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis and Trichomoniasis.
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