Sa'aba Mediterranean Bakery
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48 Weitzman Street, P.O.B 253 Baka El-Garbieh, 30100
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Izdihar Ganayem
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Sa'aba Mediterranean Bakery
Company Profile
Mr. Omar Ganayem has spent a few years of his life in the United States, where he worked as a heavy machine mechanic. The bakery was established in 1985 by Omar's father, who asked Omar to come back home in order to help him in his small bakery. At that time, women in the country prepared their bread at home, and the bread was not known as a shelf item. Omar was a pioneer to open the first automatic bakery in the region, where he also lived. In 1985 with a production capacity of 200 kilo a day,...Read more

Izdihar Ganayem, Owner

Produced from white flour in a fully automatic process with a production capacity of 25.000 pita's per hour. The bakery produces 2 kinds of pita:
1) White Pita produced in a fully automatic process. This kind of pita is produced in two sizes for Felafel or Shawarma sandwiches. These products are marketed and sold to Falafel and Shawarma and other outlets.
2)Black pita produced of whole wheat in a hand made process. This pita is sold in healthfood stores.

Frozen Pita
The frozen pita is sold and marketed abroad to small bakeries. The product is frozen by shock freezing after the pita has been baked, nOne only has to heat it a bit and the pita is then ready, and tastes like it has just come out of the oven.

The Laffa is very famous among Shawarma snak restaurants. The Laffa is then and larger than the pita. It is stuffed and rolled with Shawarma meat, Hommus and other preferred snaks
Business Opportunity
Alssabea Bakery is a leading and innovative manufacturer of a wide variety of frozen pita bread products which keep their fresh out of the oven taste after being defrosted. We are looking for importers and distributers in the North American, European, and Australian foodservice and retail markets. We offer Sa'aba brand and private label packaging. All products are Kosher and ISO 9002 certified.

Target markets: North America, European countries
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