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Roee Sharaby
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Company Profile
Iosat Ltd. is a leading integrator and provider of satellite broadband data services for small and medium size businesses, using best of breed technology.The company is a supplier of telephony, data and advanced services through satellite links, for the maritime and fixed communication markets.
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Roee Sharaby, Technical Manager

Service & Solutions

Iosat Ltd. offers four main areas of expertise; satellite communication, Voice over IP and Computer Telephony solutions, Wireless communication and Information Technology infrastructure. Our expertise enables us to offer our customers a single provider for their whole communication infrastructure needs.
In each of these fields of expertise we offer the customer a wide array of professional services starting from the design phase through the implementation and up to the service and on going technical support. Our solutions are tailored to answer the customer needs.
Our managed communication solutions are based on Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP). Our platform allows efficient data transfer from the terrestrial internet and telephony worlds to the remote location. The IP-based network provides for a compatible plug-and-play environment where costs of integration, mobilization and growth are virtually eliminated.

We offer high quality professional services such as RF and network design, IT support for network infrastructure, IP Telephony system design implementation and support.

Iosat Ltd. offers the most reliable, scalable, and efficient solution in the field.
Examples of iosat projects: Providing communication services and IT for Airline Company, supply Microwave network to local power company, supply communication services for TV production, supply real time underwater-images from cameras for Oil Company, providing communication, IT and telephony services for chemical company.

Business Opportunity
Iosat offers a portfolio of highly reliable satellite communication services built on field proven best of breed technology. iosat provides turn-key packages that include all the equipment, installation, bandwidth, and 24 X 7 technical support in an integrated solution. Systems are designed to support an array of data networking, digital telephony, broadband Internet access, and real-time video requirements. To meet the different needs and wants of our clients, iosat offers tailored services and customized...Read more
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