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POB 1133, Kiryat Malachi 83815
Contact Person:
Boaz Zer
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Company Profile
Plastokit is a leading manufacturer, of technical and high-quality, injection molded products., PLASTOKIT has over 30 years of experience in the field of, plastic injection molding. Working as subcontractors , Plastokit, uses the most advanced injection technologies, R&D, resources and state-of-the-art molds to ensure high quality, production of plastic parts. Our mission is to provide, uncompromising quality, service, and value to our customers., Since 1978, Plastokit has been...Read more

Boaz Zer, Sales & Marketing Director

During its many years of versatile experience, Plastokit has developed unique expertise in manufacturing within narrow molding tolerances. Plastokit's capabilities of meeting demands and specific requirements have made it an approved supplier of major companies worldwide in the areas of pharmaceutical and medical devices, electronics, SMT, telecommunications, packaging for food & liquids, hardware and more.
Business Opportunity

Plastokit is a leading manufacturer of technical and high-quality injection-molded products as well as leading subcontractor of injction molding

Plastokit is looking for clients that demand quality, precision molds at competitve prices

We have over 40 years of experience in mold building and injection with engineered plastics

all under one roof!

Long standing, satisfied clients include the Electronics, Military, Biomedical and Toy industries
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