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Ran Kedem
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Reali Technologies Ltd.
Company Profile
Reali Technologies ( is the developer & provider of "RealiteQ" – a secured cloud-based SCADA, a Real-time End-to-End (Data acquisition, Telemetry, Visualization/HMI & data analytics) IIOT remote control solution which was developed as information and communication technology (ICT) that gathers and controls Real-time critical & operational data, from sensors, analyzers, and controllers. Relevant personnel, from the CEO to the field technician, wherever they may be, can, in Read more

Ran Kedem, CEO

The number one management risk is running an organization blind!" With RealiteQ you can see and operate in a real time anything, anytime, from anywhere!

RealiteQ is the new generation (4th) of SCADA. A comprehensive cloud-based, Affordable and agnostic “all-in-One” tool that enables real-time remote-control operation & management of devices, machine or facilities efficiently and securely.

IT/OT convergence - RealiteQ integrates information technology (IT) systems with operational technology (OT) systems and offer significant benefits along the four strategy operative dimensions: Cost, Quality Speed Reliability

Data management - RealiteQ is much more than just a remote-control system, it is a real-time data management system from A to Z, from the data acquisition to Big data analytics. By using RealiteQ you are not only operating and controlling the system in real-time, but you also can use the data in order to increase the efficiency.

Specialy today when more and more Emploees must work from home, RealiteQ is the most Relaiable, secured, and afordable solution, allowing real time operation and managment from anywere by any autirized emploee from any device connected to the internet (no need to install software or applications. installation is simple fast and non distractiev.
Business Opportunity
Looking for - Manufacturer Representatives/Master distributors/ strategic partners/global costumers that have experience with representing Automation/SCADA/Telemetry or such. Active in any of the following markets: utilities, Water, Wastewater, Energy, renewable energy, G&O, Industry, chemicals.

Teritory priotities: USA, India, China, Europe
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