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9a Diskin Street, Jerusalem Medical Center
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Manny Grunseid
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RoshNakki Ltd.
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100% natural ingredients to kill lice and remove nits!
Killing lice is easy....removing the nits (eggs) are the problem.
Most chemical or natural products that are available in drug stores are successful 90% of the time in killing the lice. However the lice will reappear after 7-10 days as the eggs that are laid by the lice- hatch and become lice.
That is why the instructions on these products say "to repeat treatment after...Read more

Company News
100% natural ingredients to kill lice and remove nits!
Manny Grunseid, Director

Mobile: 972-54-7899400,

Head Lice Treatment Kit to Kill lice and removal of eggs.
RoshNakki products are 100% natural and effective to solve the problem.
The RoshNakki home based treatment kit is identical to the professional treatment done at the RoshNakki clinic.

Roshnakki Head Lice Treatment Kit is unique in that it is the only solution for removal of the eggs. Most products do kill the lice, however, the problem returns after 10 days when the egss have hatched. The kit specializes in killing the lice but more important- removal of the eggs.
Eggs are not alive, therefore they cannot be killed. They can only be removed. With the combination of "roshnakki" shampoo, conditioner + activating powder , the process of removal of the eggs is made easier

All products are produced exclusively by mediline ltd for roshnakki ltd.
Roshnakki products are registered and certified with
The ministry of health.
Business Opportunity
Roshnakki Ltdis looking for distributors/buyers of hair products to pharmacies and pharma chains. Target markets include Europe and Scandinavia, South and Central America, South Africa and Australasia.
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