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A.B. Dental
Company Profile
A.B. Dental Devices is a unique international dental implant company.
Since the 1990's we have been focusing on two-piece implants with an internal hex both for one-stage and two-stage techniques. We have recently expanded our range of products to include very short implants, long implants, narrow implants and one-piece implants, all with matching prosthetic solutions, which can be used for immediate loading.
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Company News
AB Dental was awarded the patent by the European Patent Office for P14 (EP2266498), first filed in 2009!

This invention is designed especially for screw retained dentures. The P14 eases the process and enables the insertion of the dental bridge in cases where the existing implants are at extreme angles, 17 degree and 30 degree, without damaging the esthetics.
This patent joins the previous patent P5-20, AB Dental's multi optional angular abutment that was granted over a year ago.
"The patent, which is not the first one granted to us, will enable AB Dental to continue providing new innovations for the benefit of our clients", says Mrs. Ofra Bar-Shalom, CEO. "This widescale patent is of great strategic importance to AB Dental, which owns significant intellectual property pertinent to dental applications. This new granted patent will strengthen the company's status as a world leader in that field".
Daniel Leon, VP Marketing and Sales

Double Platform Implants - The Complete Fit!
AB Dental Devices Ltd., has launched a patented solution for a bridge screwed onto non-parallel implants. The Research and Development team at AB Dental Devices Ltd. developed implants with a flat connection platform to facilitate the path of insertion for screw retained restoration. The implants are designed to accommodate two restorative platforms;
1. Deep connection (Internal Hexagon 1.8 mm), suitable for all abutments with antirotational hexagon.
2. Shallow connection (0.2 mm), designed for non-engaging abutments (No hexagon).

Clip Carrier
The Clip Carrier is easily removed following implant insertion. It clips rather than screws into the implant. The clip carrier is equipped with a rubber stopper, providing stability when inserted to the ratchet. Both the ratchet and the contra angle driver fit the clip carrier. The positioning of the clip carrier's upper hexagon enables the dentist to anticipate the exact location of future restoration components, since the Clip Carrier operates in conjunction with the implant hexagon.

Groovy Implants
The I2, I5, I7 and I10 implants have grooves on the neck. This design will enhance the prevention of:
* The down grow of the epithelial cells.
* Prevent bone resorption.
* Reduce implant failure.

Short Implants
AB Dental Devices Ltd., offers short implants 6mm and even 5mm long, with diameters of 4.5mm-8mm.
Short Implants are:
* The answer for reduced alveolar bone height.
* An alternative to complicated and invasive treatments (bone grafting and sinus lifting).
* The width compensates for the short length and provides better load distribution.
* The special design with deep wings provides good initial stability.
* Special surface treatment enables improved osseointegration. * Platform Switching reduces crestal bone resorption and provides better esthetics.

Long Implants
These extra long Screw Type Implants are available in lengths of 18mm and 20mm. These implants are offered in the 4.2mm diameter of the I2 Screw Type Implant:
* I2-4.2, 18
* I2-4.2,20.

Narrow Implants
A.B. Dental Devices Ltd., developed a wide range of narrow implants. The narrow implants have been designed and shaped for an especially narrow ridge or narrow inter-dental/ inter-implant space.
Especially narrow implants (also available in 2.4 mm diameter) are produced aS a single unit I6, I6b.
Narrow implants available in two versions - I5 (3 mm diameter), I6BI. These implants are offered with a large variety of restoration components and is designed with a 2 mm diameter internal hexagon, making the dentist's work simple and comfortable.

P12 Abutment with flat platform for screw retained restoration
The abutment is used for screw retained restorations and enables restoration on non-parallel implants by cancelling the hex and thereby cancelling the obstruction of the insertion path.
The P12 system provides a comprehensive solution for temporary and permanent restoration while retaining maximum precision. If the implants used do not have a double platform, a special adaptor is available, enabling the use of a flat connection abutment. This adapter provides a second function as an extension piece. P12-3.75

P14 Angular Adaptor for screw retained restorations
The adaptor (base & cone) is used for screw retained rehabilitation and enables rehabilitation on non-parallel implants by correcting extreme angles of the implant. The angle of the implant is corrected by using a base. The base is available in angles of 170 and 300 and at heights of 1 mm and 3mm. The cone enables connection of a temporary titanium abutment or a permanent abutment made with plastic sleeves for casting.

P4 - Angular Abutment
An angular abutment of 150, 250, 350 and 450, designed for tilted implants. Developed by AB Dental Devices Ltd.'s., R&D Department in collaboration with Dr. Yehuda Gill.

P - Perfect Fit
The loosely adjusted abutment sits on the implant and is stabilized by the screw only. The Perfect Fit abutment hexagon is sectioned and slightly larger than the implant hexagon and therefore sits tightly on the implant without any movement.
Thus, force is not applied to the screw, but to the implant and abutment as a whole and prevents the screws from loosening. The Perfect Fit abutment is taken out by a retrieving screw (the abutment screw must be removed first).
* The implant & abutment absorb the forces as one piece.
* No forces on the screw.
* Prevents loose or breaking screws.
* The abutment remains stable over time.
* Increases durability.
All our hex-shaped abutments are available with or without Perfect Fit - A.B. Dental Devices Ltd.'s, issued patent.

P5-20 Angular Ball Attachment
An abutment that connects a detachable prosthesis to an implant and stabilizes it. The abutment is available in 1, 2, 3and 5 mm heights, matching the height of the gums.
The abutments come with a stainless steel and silicon cap.
Silicon caps are available in three degrees of hardness, 1-3, from the hardest to the softest.
Registered Patent.

P15 Temporary Abutment
A temporary titanium abutment is available in heights of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7mm on which a plastic cap is attached through a clicking system. The abutment enables temporary restoration without requiring the use of cement, thereby preventing cement from flowing to the surgical zone. The shape of the abutment also enables good healing of the gums, similar to a healing
cap. The abutment has no hex, thereby simplifying assembly of the abutments.
The plastic caps are available in three degrees of hardness.
Developed by AB Dental Devices Ltd., R&D Department in collaboration with Dr. Yehuda Gill.

D3 - Clip Transfer
One piece Clip Transfer where no affixing screw is required. This simplified method of impression taking is used in back teeth where the lack of space does not allow both the screw and the driver to fit in.

A stronger grip on screws and healing caps prevents the driver from slipping into the patient's mouth. Our drivers are manufactured using the best available material and undergo strict thermal treatment ensuring long term durability.
Business Opportunity
A.B. Dental Devices is looking for new distributors with the following characteristics:
* Familiar with the dental market.
* The import of AB products.
* Warehousing.
* Marketing (including organizing activities, like courses, seminars, exhibitions, promotions, etc.)
* Sales.
* Technical support & service.

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