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18 Hasivim St. P.O.B 7944, Petach-Tikva
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Israel Vaserlauf
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Aero Sol
Company Profile
The Aero Sol Company is a composite material product manufacture, We design develop and manufacture products for the military, security and aerospace markets.
Our products offer exceptional strength to weight ratio, excellent mechanical properties, and unique geometric design - combination of qualities that no other technology can provide.
Our fields of expertise: *Radom for antennas- aerial naval and ground.*Helmet and head gear protection*Payloads and...Read more

Israel Vaserlauf , CEO


Aero Sol aeronautical solutions has started its way as a UAV platform manufacturer for the leading Aerospace industries in Israel.
In the last few years we have expended our capabilities to aeronautical engineering, mechanical design, manufacture process design and materials.
We explore our expertise and experience to offer unique service of UAV optimization in order to lower weight, increase duration and efficiency, process and materials optimization for cost reduction and improved performance.
Aero sol offers manufacture and upgrade services of UAV parts, or full tern key platform design and manufacture.
The company has years of accumulated experience in delivering high-end aeronautical parts and platforms to the UAV industries in Israel, as well as design and production of a self designed Mini UAV system.
From prototype stages to serial production, test flights, trials and experiments, demo , marketing and operational uav's AeroSol is your partner, committed to deliver your project Beyond your expectation!


-production of Radomes Antennas and reflectors in various configurations:
-Airborne, naval and ground.
-Low dielectric and low energy absorption materials, suitable to range of radars and antennas.
-fiberglass/ aramid ; solid laminate ; sandwich honeycomb and other core materials.
-tinting and finish under strict quality control and supervision.
-Custom design according to product frequency and strain distribution.
Business Opportunity
Aerosol is a leading designer and manufacturer of components manufactured from military grade composite materials, suitable for the UAV and Radome industries. The company has gained extensive experience working with world leaders in the industry, supplying customized solutions to meet very demanding specifications.
The product range includes UAV components, Helmets, radome enclosures, payload and camera enclosures and varied parts and components.
The company specializes in small...Read more
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