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Avraham Assayag
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Al Arz Tahina
Company Profile
Al Arz Tahini was founded in 1992 as a small family business in Nazareth, Israel. Assad Zaher, an engineer by training, designed a special production method that created a tahina unequaled by any other in its fresh, natural flavor.Thus tailored to discriminating tastes, Al Arz Tahini quickly became a favorite of fine restaurants and specialty stores throughout Israel.And shortly it becomes one of the leading producing manufactory for Tahina and Hallwa.
Under the leadership of Julia Zaher,...Read more

Avraham Assayag, VP Marketing and Business Development

Tahini is a traditional Middle Eastern spread made of finely-ground sesame seeds. Similar to Hummus in consistency and color, Tahini is often served together with hummus as a dip for pita or vegetables. In fact, Tahini is also a key ingredient in hummus itself, infusing its flavor with a distinct hint of earthy grain.

Al Arz Tahini is made solely of sesame seeds: no preservatives, additives, or food coloring. At the same time, the product has a shelf life of an entire year, no refrigeration required. Rather than buying ready made, refrigerated Tahini, the customer can keep a jar of Al Arz in the pantry, making the desired amount by adding water, lemon juice, and herbs or spices according to the personal taste. Convenient, affordable, individualized, and Kosher by Parve and Hallal certification, our Tahini is the ideal snack for all lovers of the Middle Eastern flavor.
Business Opportunity
AL ARZ Tahina, manufacturers of premium Tahina and Halva products, are looking for importer/distributors, chain store buyers, wholesalers , suppliers of restaurant and catering chains, active in the retail and institutional food markets. Target markets- North America, European countries, Russia and Ukraine, Australia. Products are supplied in retail and bulk packaging, and are available under the company brands, and private label. Suitable for gluten free markets. The company is under the strict supervision of...Read more
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