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1 Korazin St. P.O.Box 878, Givataim 53108
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Nami Cohen
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Aran Electronics
Company Profile
Aran represents about 50 of the leading companies around the world, and specializes in broadcast and professional video, CCTV, multimedia production tools and peripheral equipment. Aran is one of the country´s leading companies in designing, developing, marketing and supplying hi-tech integrated professional systems in the video, security and communications fields. Today, Aran Electronics Ltd. Employs 20 people and has a well-equipped, hi-tech laboratory with trained engineers and application...Read more

Nami Cohen,

The perfect solution for all of your future exhibitions.

Are you tired of:
-Showing boring Power Point slide shows?
-Tired of looking for an available laptop?
-Looking for ways to hide video and power cables?

Aran Digital Signage and Spinetix allows you to:
-Create exciting and dynamic graphic content in HD quality.
-Easily create your own video wall.
-Easy Plug and Play operation.
-Small enough to be placed behind the video screen.
-Touch screen option.
-Create your play list prior to the exhibition and make changes online to fit your audience.
-Guaranteed no failures at critical moments with a lifetime warranty.
-Only 190 grams with minimum power consumption.
-One time cost, with no extra licensing.
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