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PO BOX 676 Yokneam Israel 20690
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Ofer Ben Ami
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ArrowBio Ecology
Company Profile
ArrowBio© is an integrated solution for the treatment of municipal solid waste, and is a product of ArrowEcology. The ArrowBio facilities and process provide unique hydromechanical separation and preparation process, recovering 90% of recoverable materials. ArrowBio's liquid anaerobic treatment produces rich biogas and excellent soil amendment for agricultural purposes. ArrowBio's unique recovery process is recognized by experts as the most cost effective, eco friendly solution available...Read more

Ofer Ben Ami, Sales and Marketing Manager

Calanit Logan,

As the world's leading technology for the complete treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, the ArrowBio process is promoted by an extensive and growing international network of companies and agents.
The network started to be built after the commercialization of the ArrowBio plant early in 2003. Our strategy is to work with local partners to bring this technology to the attention of local decision makers and technological experts around the globe.
World experts from North America, Latin America, West Europe, East Europe, Asia and Africa all recognize the uniqueness and the superiority of the technology after seeing the plant in operation.
Business Opportunity
Arrow Ecology Is looking for agents to introduce our technology in the municipal solid waste industry for the following market segments: Municipalities , waste companies, landfills owners.
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