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Bazelet HaGolan
Company Profile
The Bazelet Hagolan winery was established in 1998 by Yo'av Levy. Situated on Moshav Kidmat Tzvi in the Golan Heights, the winery produces red wines using Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in two series: Bazelet and Reserve. The wines from the Reserve series are usually oaked for approximately 20 months and will benefit from moderate aging, while the Bazelet series are usually aged for a period of between 8-10 months and is intended for earlier drinking. Read more


The company offers two wine labels and a specialty grape product:
-Cabernet Sauvignon: Aged approximately 6 months in oak casks (the 2004 harvest aged 22 months). The distinctive bronze label bottles retails in Israel for IS 85.
-Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve: The grapes selected for this wine are the best of the season, aged for a minimum of 14 months (the 2004 harvest aged 22 months). The distinctive silver label bottles retails in Israel for IS 120.
-Grappa: Traditional made from the leftover skins, grape products and seeds of grapes used during the wine making process, these exhausted grapes produce a 40% alcohol wine product (80 proof) which has a remnant sweet taste. Sold in designer bottles for I.S. 50 in Israel.
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