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Haela 11 street, Yarqona, Israel 45915
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Yoav Zehavi
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Bio-Sense Technologies
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Dogs communicate by barking. To a human, all barks sound the same; science tells us they are not. Bio-Sense has developed the means to tell one bark from the other with a patent protected technology that translates dog barks into digital signals. The translation is done by utilizing a proprietary algorithm which filters dog barks and captures a specific set of barks that fall into a pre defined "threat" category.
A privately owned company, BST started operations in 2004, employing a team of experts...Read more

Yoav Zehavi, Customer Service Manager


Bio-sense Technologies provides a comprehensive security solution, combining the superior protection of the guard dog
and unique Dog Barking System,DBS sensors. DogGuard service combines deployment of well trained guard dogs at the client's site, including daily feeding and cleaning service, veterinary care and dog replacement when needed.
The DBS system was thoroughly tested and is currently being used by leading security organizations including the IDF, Israeli Prison Service and more. The DogGuard service is recognized and recommended by insurance companies as an efficient and economical security solution. Bio-Sense Technologies is committed to the dog's well being and environmental protection. Since 2004 our systems successfully protects hundreds of institutional, business and private customer sites.


Telidog is a professional cellular collar that monitors dog behavior. The collar integrates the senses of the watchdog into an advanced reliable technology. Telidog monitors the dogs' barking, location and movement. Whenever the dog, his owner or his territory is threatened, the Telidog identifies the dog's emergency barks and sends the user an alert by text message or e-mail. In addition, it can call the user directly allowing him to hear the dogs' surrounding. A personal web account is available for each Telidog to provide remote monitoring and control. Telidog is implemented in a small size device, which is dog and environmental friendly.
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