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Blue Cosmetics - Dreams To Take Home
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What is so special about BLUE products? 
BLUE products contain a very high percentage of Original Minerals from the Dead Sea which are known to be the best vehicle to retain moisture in the skin. The Dunaliella Algae (SeaWeed) that is included in most of the products today, grows in very saline areas and thus called the Surviving SeaWeed. It produces the Beta-Carotene in the sun and there are researches that show preference to this kind of vitamin. It contains also the Vitamins A,...Read more

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Blue Line Cosmetics brings all the natural goodness of the Dead Sea right into your home. This remarkable natural wonder provides unique concentrations of ingredients such as magnesium, iodine, potassium, bromide and much more, that protect and revitalize the skin, guard its natural moisture, stimulate circulation, and enhance natural skin regeneration. It does all this, while leaving the skin feeling soothed and refreshed!

Blue Line Cosmetics brings you a new line of products for natural beauty and health, Beauty Minerals made from nature's richest treasures.
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