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Zoya Katzir
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Hagit Gorali ltd
Company Profile
Hagit Gorali ltd is a silver, silver & gold fine jewelry designer.
Hagit is one of Israel's most acclaimed jewelry designers, and has been producing highly successful lines and selling them around the world since 1993.Today, Hagit's designs in silver and silver & gold are translated into wearable art by a staff of professionals in several locations, and her creations are worn throughout the world.Nevertheless, she continues to design and manufacture on-site,...Read more

Company News

"Each piece of jewelry is so unique, so well made, so artistic and esthetically pleasing, and unlike any
other designer's work. You truly have your own "signature." You are truly one of the most talented
designers in the world of jewelry today."
Peggy Decker USA

"I just want you to know how exquisite I think your jewelry is. I can't take my eyes off of it. Your designs
are incredible and to my way of thinking, no one compares. The naturalness and simplicity call to me.
G-d bless your talent."
Elizabeth Button UK

"Her jewelry is not only stunningly beautiful, but has an almost magical quality to it. Plus, every piece
is so comfortable to wear and makes you feel good wearing it. This is jewelry that will become time-
less treasures. Thank you for bringing your work to the Germany!"
Zelda Deatrick Germany

Zoya Katzir,


Hagit uses Sterling silver, gold, or a combination of both, together with pearls and precious and semi-precious stones, to create her wearable art.
Moreover, Hagit uses only the highest-quality findings.
Our designer jewelry include rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, cuffs, broaches and charms.
Business Opportunity
Hagit Gorali ltd is looking to expand our business in the USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy and Germany, and to establish new business relations in other locations. Our typical customer profile would be department stores, jewelry chains and jewelry boutiques.
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