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Beit Jann Village PO box 1042, Beit Jann, Israel
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Dr. Ziad Dabour
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Dr Dabour
Company Profile
Dr. Dabour Ltd. is a company located in the north of the holyland on Mount Miron, the highest mountain of the Galilee, north of Nazareth and near the Jordan river.
Our products are produced through a combination of nature, health, technology and tradition.We believe in the power of nature to provide us with beauty, health and wellbeing.  Dr. Dabour Ltd. uses a combination of natural ingredients originating in the Holyland, especially from the Galilee.  Our products will...Read more

Dr. Ziad Dabour, Owner moshe@israelexporter.com

-Unique Natural and Medical Cosmetic products based on the classified Galilee heritage, tradition and know how, which proved to be of great value in the skin care category.
-Direct contact with the developer and manufacturer with no intermediate steps.
-New anti aging line based on unique combination between Orchids and Olive Leaves.

Night Cream:
Natural formulation moisturizes and nourishes your skin throughout the night.

Moisturizing cream:
Unique combination of a powerful UV protective ingredients with stable vitamin C, nourishing and moisturizing agents.

Anti Spot Cream:
Exclusive Blend of Natural Healthy Ingredients - Naturally restore, relieve and protect your hands with Dr. Dabour Valuable Natural Hand Cream.

Body Lotion:
Exclusive Blend of Natural Healthy Plants, Moisturizes, Protects, Smoothes
Naturally restore, relieve and protect your skin with Dr. Dabour Unique Natural Body Cream.

Nails Oil:
Moisturizes, Nourishes and Heals dry cuticles. Promotes the growth of healthy nails. Strengthens brittle nails. Contains 100% natural ingredients that traditionally known to have anti-fungal properties.

Eye Cream:
After cleansing skin with mountains flower milk, apply a thin uniform layer on the skin around
Business Opportunity
Dr. Dabour develops and manufactures interesting lines of cosmetics, based on natural ingredients that flourish in the hills of Galilee. The company is looking for importer/distributors who work with high quality niche cosmetic lines, to market to the life style market, and also those working with beauty clinics and cosmeticians who are looking for products that are both effective, and unique. Private label lines are also a distinct possibility.
The company welcomes enquiries from suitable partners from around the...Read more
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