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14 Hataas st. P.O 2227, Kfar-Saba
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Heila Frey-Levin
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EdenSkin- BMZ Diagnosis (2004) Ltd/ ZBM Natural Medicine Ltd
The company was founded in 2004, with the mission to improve people's lives with novel skin treatments that are based on therapeutic herbal ingredients. The active herbal formulae were developed during years of practical experience and patient follow-up, by the naturopathic physician Dr. Tzvi Ben Moshe (PhD), who has dedicated most of his professional life to the...Read more

Heila Frey-Levin,

Spray/Cream for multilayered, thickened, red, cracked & extremely dry skin Tested for Safety and Efficacy in a Clinical Study on Psoriasis Patients

Cream for red, dry and irritated skin Demonstrated effectiveness for Atopic Dermatitis

Cream for reddish, oily-dry & irritated skin Demonstrated effectiveness for Seborrhea

Each formula is a powerful combination of plant extracts, tailor made to treat a specific skin concern and to strengthen the skin's natural defense and healing mechanisms. The products provide quick relief of discomfort and visual improvement of the skin texture and color.
Business Opportunity
Eden Skin is looking for distributors and buyers of natural cosmetics, para-pharmaceuticals, treatment or therapeutic cosmetics (creams that have skin improving properties but are not licensed as drugs) etc. across the globe.


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