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Yotam Gadot
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Company Profile
EdenShield is an Israel-based agritech company established in 2012 in Trendlines Agtech, a business incubator that is part of The Trendlines Group.
Successful field trials of the company’s odor-masking nontoxic insect control system have attracted the attention and enthusiasm of leading global agritech players and commercial partners.
The company initiated sales of its EdenShield NET product and anticipates sales of its EdenShield DIRECT product in 2015.
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Company News
5th Annual Trendlines Company Showcase
January 28, 2015 Guy Malchi, Strategy & Business Development, is among the presenters at the annual Showcase event, Kibbutz Shefayim, Israel.

EdenShield Completes Raise of Over $1 Million
EdenShield, a portfolio company of The Trendlines Group’s Trendlines Agtech, recently completed an investment round of just over $1 million, led by OurCrowd.
Yotam Gadot , CEO contact@israelexporter.com

EdenShield NET
EdenShield NET is applied to greenhouse screens, not on the crop itself, where it masks the odor of the crop inside and lowers insect attraction.
Multiple field trials and bioassays on greenhouse crops such as peppers, tomatoes, basil, and cabbage have shown that this mechanism of action does not cause the development of resistance in thrips, spider mites and whiteflies, and allows the product to maintain its efficacy throughout the entire growing season

EdenShield Direct
EdenShield has developed EdenShield DIRECT product for application directly on the crop in greenhouses and other closed structures.
This natural, nontoxic product is especially well suited for use on high-value crops such as ornamentals (roses, daisies, poinsettias) and cannabis (medical marijuana).
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