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PO Box 200 Or Akiva, 30600, Binyan Mivnei Taasiya, 1 hadas St, Industrial area Or Akiva
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Gil Sberlo
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Company Profile
EZSurgical is a medical device company headquartered in Or Akiva, Israel.EZsurgical develops manufactures and markets innovative medical devices aiming to improve patient care and simplify procedures for surgeons.The company's DASH Malleable 3-D retractor for open surgery is sold world-wide.The company's A-Lap is the first 3-Dimensional "hand-like" laparoscopic retractor. The A-Lap is distributed in Europe and in the US.EZsurgical maintains strong R&D initiatives for organic growth...Read more
A-Lap is the first 3-Dimensional "hand-like" laparoscopic retractor. The design incorporate a soft and flexible, yet strong mesh design with an intuitive handle design, allowing the surgeon to manipulate and lock-in the degree to which the device is opened. A-Lap™ design enables conveniently "wrapping" a large volume of tissue, by accepting the natural topography of the organ, thus simplifying soft tissue retraction and reducing the risks associated with tissue retraction.

DASH is a proprietary hands-free, 3-Dimensional malleable absorptive retractor for open surgeries, where padded retraction and enhanced visualization is required.

Our products are sold worldwide with extensive clinical experience in a variety of procedures. The products are simple to use and do not alter the surgical procedure.
Business Opportunity
Looking for distributors who supply hospitals and clinics that deal specifically in GENERAL SURGERY= surgery that is from neck down to hips.
Target Markets:
France, Germany, Poland, Benelux and Scandinavia

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