Feldman Ice Cream
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25 Yezira Rehovot,ISR
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Feldman Ice Cream
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Feldman's Ice Cream - More than Fifty Years of Tradition - The Feldman Ice Cream Company started as a local coffee shop, the famous "Kapulsky", in the city of Rehovot during the British mandate around the 1940's. The Place was found by Mr.Fridle (Pedya) Feldman and his wife Bracha, and the ice cream, which was produced for local customers, soon became famous for its quality and taste. In 1963 they built the first factory in Rehovot new industrial zone. Today, the factory expanded but still...Read more

Company News
Fifty years of ice cream making and millions of satisfied customers make Feldman a favorite brand with products that leave a smile on everyone's face.

We now offer a great variety of tastes and flavors, rich textures and new desserts for everyone. Taste the magic, fall in love with the ice cream.
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