Florasynth - Food Flavors Manufacturer
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40 Habanai Street, Holon Industrial Area, Holon
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Florasynth - Food Flavors Manufacturer
Company Profile
Florasynth produces flavors for the manufacture of ice cream, sweets, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, baking, canned foods, pharmaceutical preparation, animal feed, tobacco products, incense, etc.
For the manufacture of flavors, Florasynth utilizes raw materials approved by the F.D.A., the E.E.C. and the Israeli Health Ministry
The plant was established in 1962 in Holon, and currently employs 15 people. Our clients are some of Israel's largest food producers.Read more


Florasynth has developed a wide variety of flavoring products designed for use in the food industry. Each product has its own specification, according to the application it is used for. Florasynth has paid great attention to the practical and aesthetic side of the manufacture of its products. In addition, our wide experience with food flavors enables us to meet the requirements of all food industries. The advanced technology used at our facilities enables us to offer you any flavor.
The flavors manufactured by Florasynth are suitable for sugar confectionery, pharmaceutical products and compressed tablets, sauces, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, ice cream and frozen confectionery, condiments, milk products, jams, animal foods, tinned goods, chewing gum, dietetic foods, snacks, etc.
All products have Kashrut, FDA and EEC approval
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