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DVT is a major health concern globally. In the US alone, more than 12 million surgical patients in the US are at risk for DVT. Prevention practices are at best lackluster and at worst dangerous.FlowMedic’s homefit offers a non-invasive, portable solution for use in hospital or at home for the improvement of blood circulation.The homefit applies intermittent pressure continuously, providing 24/7 prevention of DVT. Read more

FlowMedic Technology

FlowMedic's homefit applies intermittent compression on the calf muscle.
Unlike other commercial DVT Pumps that use pneumatic technology, the homefit utilizes a unique pulling mechanism that applies pressure through tightening of a strap around the calf muscle.

This unique pulling mechanism applies very fast compression which leads to a significant increase in peak venous flow velocity in the deep veins of the thigh and very fast release which causes a suction effect that increases peak venous flow velocity in the foot area.

The enhanced blood flow achieved by the fast compression and-fast release technology enables the reduction in size of the device and compression area, leading to better comfort and higher compliance.
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