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Kibbutz Beit-Keshet, P.O. Box: 116, Lower Galillee, Israel. Zip code: 15247
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Shmuel Yeshurun
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FreeChair is a low-standing rocking chair, a unique product developed to allow comfortable low and dynamic sitting to promote good health. Sitting on a FreeChair increases joint flexibility and improves blood circulation. FreeChair can also be used as a meditation stool and is ideal for those who practice yoga as well as Kundalini meditation. FreeChair is also great for children, as it maintains their natural posture and allows them the freedom to move while sitting thus increasing their...Read more

Shmuel Yeshurun, CEO

FreeChair is a low, swaying chair, a unique development that combines dynamic and low sitting.
FreeChair is manufactured using people and eco friendly methods

FreeChair is manufactured in Anji, a green industrial area in China, at a factory that employs local workers with fair conditions.
Anji is also home to China's largest bamboo forest, which is the source of the raw material. The bamboo is harvested in a carefully monitored and eco-friendly manner that does not harm its natural growth.
FreeChair is made from the highest quality materials

The body and legs of the chair are made from bamboo slats - a strong and durable material.
The seat is made of quality, strong sponge, covered in woven polyester - pleasant to touch, not slippery and wear resistant. Colors: red, orange and greenish yellow.
The seat pillow can be removed and washed.
The chair comes with two anti slip strips to be applied to the legs of the chair and prevent slipping.
FreeChair is designed specifically for comfortable and healthy sitting

The dimensions were selected carefully to create the optimal distance of the pelvis from the floor and proper leg position: length: 37 cm; width: 21.5 cm; height: 11.5 cm.
The curve radius of the chair's legs is especially adapted to create gentle, but effective motion.
At both ends of each leg is a small brake that defines the range of motion, adding to the user's safety and the sense of security.
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