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Eyal Alon
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Company Profile
GAMA Operations is an international company based in Israel and since 1995 has specialized in advanced telecommunications systems – in particular for Voice Processing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR (and Unified Messaging applications. These systems, developed in-house by a highly skilled team drawn from the cream of Israel's technological talent, have proven their market success. Over 15,000 offices, businesses and organizations in Israel and abroad have purchased a wide range of GAMA's...Read more

Company News
We are pleased to inform you that our company will participate in the Milipol Exhibition to be held in Paris in 18:10:11.
During the exhibition Our company will show its capabilities to improve preparedness to deal with emergencies situations via our powerfully messaging platform .

Gamma has developed, built and successfully installed hundreds of these systems in armies, hospitals, emergency organizations, police departments and more.
We will be happy to meet with you in the exhibition.
If you want interesting to meet us please reply to this email and we will return to you to conduct a meeting.
Eyal Alon, CEO

Leading in Voice Response and Voicemail Systems

Israel is a recognized expert in providing technology that supports emergency situations. Within this specialized field, and expanding upon it, GAMA Operations is a leading player.

Our 20 year expertise in Telecommunications technologies covering Interactive Voice Response, Voice Over IP, Unified Messaging and Voicemail has enabled many large enterprises to significantly improve their responsiveness and operating performance.

We developed the call up system for emergencies and military training that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been using for all units since 2000. Using our technology, the IDF has achieved highly successful call ups at a far lower manpower cost than before.

Our systems are also installed across Israel in all branches of activity: emergency services, government offices, public transportation organizations, hospitals, hotels, corporations and more. Those same benefits are now serving eager overseas markets.

To secure success we assume broad responsibilities. We can undertake a full turnkey project or contribute our knowledge at any specific point: project definition, development, inspection, installation and training.
Business Opportunity
The expert solutions developed by Gama Operations are essential tools for most of the emergency entities, corporates and other organizations needing a reliable system that will provide the best possible care to its customers both at routine times and during emergencies.

The company is highly adaptive to client requirements and uses its expert skills to respond rapidly and reliably to calls from anywhere around the world. GAMA Operations will build a complete turnkey solution or contribute expertise at any...Read more
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