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Derech Hahof # 6, Mickmoret, 40297
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Philip Naftali
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Gooper Hermetic
Company Profile
Gooper Hermetic Ltd is the manufacturer of a new and innovative line of waterproof products. Based on Patent Pending technologies, we are introducing to the market place, the next generation of sealing and waterproofing: Automatic, self-sealing, waterproof pouches. Our goal is to offer the marketplace a safe and innovative line of products that are able to maintain a hermetic watertight seal under harsh, bending and folding conditions. Due to magnetic characteristics, we achieve a seal in...Read more

Philip Naftali, CEO

Izik Moalem , VP

Waterproof magnetic strips
The Patented technology integrates rare earth strong magnets, in two, or more, watertight strips, that create and maintain a hermetic waterproof seal.
Gooper is extremely flexible and will hold the watertight seal even under severe bending and twisting. Ones opened, all you need to do to secure the closure is let go. Gooper will lock and seal automatically and precisely each time.

Gooper waterproof seals, pockets and pouches
Standard installation is achieved through a wide variety of means including High Frequency or Radio Frequency welding, seam sealing tapes applied with heat, heat welding and industrial PVC/PU glues. Gooper is designed to be compatible with most common applications and materials such as PVC, TPU, PU, and Nylon.

Gooper waterproof seals and pouches are applicable in a wide range of products
With close to zero maintenance required, gooper is easily fitted into
Swimwear, detached pouches for beach goers, and watertight bags for delicate equipment.
Reusable packaging, tents, temporary or fixed closures, uniforms, camping, boating, sensitive storage, sports and military uses, are to name but a few of the applications possible when using Gooper, self sealing strips.
Business Opportunity

Gooper-hermetic , suppliers of the unique magnetically sealed waterproof pouch, is looking for distributors in the following market segments:

Outdoor and camping, water sports, and cell phone accessories. Target markets include North America, EU countries and Australia.

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