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Gil Yitzchaki
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Magma Magnetic Technologies
Products Gallery
Design and production of magnetic separation units for removal of iron waste and/or metal recycling. Design and production of electromagnets and solenoids including small series of custom made. Supply of technical magnets for all industrial purposes (DC motors, clutches etc) including rare earth magnets. Simulation of magnetic fields for projects and a fully equipped laboratory for varifying magnetic values and quality of material.
  • Detail of Magnetic Separation Drum
  • Overband Separator In Action
  • Grid Before Cleaning
  • Cascade Arrangement of Magnetic Plates
  • Magnetic Separation plate - Ackerstein
  • Electromagnets
  • Samarium Cobalt Precision Assembly
  • Solenoid & Mini Electromagnet for Counting Machine
  • I Metre Long Electromagnet
  • Cast Alnico Magnet
  • Neodymium Magnets
  • Ferrite Magnets
  • 240 Volt Electromagnet for Lifting
  • Magnetic Motor Assembly - Neodymium
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