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Nidaria Technology - Global Sun and Jellyfish Protection
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After ten years of extensive bio-technological research it is finally possible to prevent jellyfish stings. SafeSea is the first patented lotion that helps protect against the stinging of most Jellyfish, Blue bottle, Sea Lice, Coral and Sea Anemone. The product is based on a unique technology that exploits biochemical mechanisms to neutralize the jellyfish's sting. SafeSea was clinically tested by dermatologists. Because jellyfish are drifters, it is not possible to force them to change their course. SafeSea makes sure that even if the jellyfish make physical contact with people wearing the lotion, the stinging mechanism will not be activated. * SafeSea
  • Medusafe- anti jellyfish sting sunscreen- Private label
  • Life systems- anti jellyfish sting sunscreen-private label
  • Medusyl- anti jellyfish sting sunscreen-private label
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