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Successful and steady advancement of \"Magiray\" company is ensured by the observance of the principle \"S + T\" (science + traditions). This means, that the science must always take into account traditions and traditions must be scientifically grounded. Active ingredients (more than 200), that are used in \"Magiray\" products, are: extracts and oils of vegetable and marine origin, the patented bio-technological components, the Dead Sea origin components, fruit acids, vitamins and etc. Great attention is paid to minimization of using components that are \"unfriendly\" for the skin, such as synthetic preservatives, fragrances, surfactants. Concentration of natural components in some products amounts to 98%
  • Classic Line - for home use after professional care
  • Fast Action Line - for acne prone skin care
  • HisHers - cosmeceutical line for the whole family hygiene skin care
  • Professional line for beauty-salons; clinics SPA centers..jpg Professional line for beauty-salons; clinics SPA centers
  • Spa Dead Sea Secrets - fruit & mineral based full body treatment line
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