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5 Ha'marpeh Str., Har Hotzvim, P.O.Box 45102, Jerusalem 91450
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Dafna Procaccia
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AccuBeat - Accurate Frequency & Timing Solutions
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AccuBeat's Rubidium Frequency Standards provide extremely stable frequency, at 10MHz or at other optional frequencies. The very high stability of an atomic frequency standard originates from an energy transition between two atomic states. All of AccuBeat's Rubidium products have a unique configuration. They contain a Digital Frequency Lock Loop (DFLL) with a unique algorithm to implement the disciplining of the crystal oscillator to the atomic resonance frequency. A microprocessor is embedded in the DFLL, with a unique patented algorithm. This algorithm reduces the sensitivity to external disturbances, allows easy lock at start up, and enables the implementation of a unique hold-over mode. This keeps the internal oscillator running with the last memorized frequency when lock is lost. These features make the Rubidium Frequency Standard a very smart clock. In addition, the microprocessor enables user access to internal parameters allowing very fine control of the digital frequency over a wide range.
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