Savyon Medical Ltd. is Israel's leading manufacturer of high quality products like thermal underwear, body, knee and lower back warmers and socks made of fine knitted angora rabbit hair. The company specializes in the development, production and marketing of angora and natural cotton made products and has created new and original product lines, gaining worldwide reputation for innovation and quality. Fine knitted angora products like underwear, socks and knee, shoulder and lower back warmers provide the consumer with ultimate comfort and warmth due to the hollow thin angora fibers (seven times warmer than sheep's wool), making it extremely suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage and allowing the skin to breathe without becoming damp. The company is dedicated to its Green Policy which limits the trimming the precious rabbit's hair just 4 times a year, using cautious methods preventing suffering and injuries. After becoming the market leader locally, success in the international markets was only a natural development and Savyon's products are sold worldwide under its brand name Royal Angora in the U.S., Canada, Russia, Scandinavia and in Western European countries and can be found in health and drugstores, chain and specialty stores , department stores and mail order catalogues. The company guarantees its partners an experienced, creative and reliable business partner, thus ensuring a long term and mutual rewarding business relationship.

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