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Kibbutz Hulda, Israel
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Moshe Samuel
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Products Gallery
Hulda Transformers produces and distributes Laminated, C-Core, Toroidal and Ferrite transformers as well as Power Supplies and Full Assemblies according to our client's specifications for commercial, military & medical equipment. Our R&D department also designs special transformers for unique applications according to the clients' specifications. Every transformer complies with the applicable safety requirements for CE, BABT, IEC, VDE & UL standards
  • Medical laser device with Hulda medical grade transformer
  • Hulda ferroresonant power supply for CATV
  • Hulda 3 phase transformers
  • Hulda Full assemblies
  • Hulda single phase special transformers
  • Hulda medical grade toroidal transformer
  • Medical device with Hulda medical grade transformer
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