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OOVAL* develops, manufactures and markets hydraulic control valves for water systems, fire extinguishing systems, and industrial and irrigation applications. The company brings to its customers over three decades of professional expertise in management, development, marketing and technical support for water and hi-tech systems.
  • Pressure Reducing Maintains a constant downstream pressure regardless of upstream pressure or flow rate fluctuations.
  • Pressure Sustaining/Relief - Maintains the minimum preset upstream pressure regardless of changes of pressure in downstream or flow rate. Pressure relief is a sustaining valve that releases excess flow from the system.
  • Quick Reacting Pressure Relief - A safety valve that opens instantly, but closes slowly to protect the system against excessive pressure.
  • Manual -Opens and closes manually by means of a 3-way selector.
  • Electric -Valve opens or closes in response to an electric command using a 3-way solenoid.
  • Hydraulic Relay with Shastomit or Galit -A relay installed on the valve in the field is activated by a solenoid at the control station.
  • Pressure Reducing/Sustaining- The combined operation of the two pilots sustains a constant pressure upstream of the valve, and at the same time, reduces the downstream pressure to a preset pressure..
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