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Ran Dvir
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Products Gallery
The Agriculture-Services experts and their areas of expertise
  • Shimshon Omer Bsc. -Vegetables growing in open field , vegetables under structures, Cucurbitaceous growing & growing methods adaptation to production targets.
  • Dr Albert Avidan - Soil, Water, Nutrients and Hydroponics management, and artificial substrates, in horticulture and open field.
  • Ran Dvir Bsc -Irrigation, Hydraulics, Plant Nutrition, Fertigation , Soil and Water management. Alternative Energy and Bio-Fuel Crops.
  • Uri Adler Msc. - Organic Farming systems for all crops. Open field vegetable and field crops production Organic Orchids, Organic Green House vegetable and herbs production Agriculture Extension.
  • Gideon Luria Msc. - Growing and agronomy of Cut-Flowers, Ornamentals and House Plants, and Geophytes (bulbs).
  • Shimon Biton Msc. - Crop protection, Pesticides and fungicides management, IPM (integrated Pest Management), in different crops. Biological control management.
  • Gil Elek Bsc.- Banana and Subtropical Fruit trees plantations, Nursery Management, Vegetative material Propagation and Tissue culture nurseries management.
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