How Not To Struggle With Running a Marketing Campaign - Tip

Why is it that so many small business owners struggle with the marketing aspects of a business?


Small business owners struggle with running marketing campaigns because they are not consistent promoters.


So many people who launch a marketing campaign expect to be making signifcant money...very fast. Those of us in marketing know that marketing campaigns take time and it takes time for a message to "sink in".


Studies have shown that in email marketing it takes between 7-8 follow up emails to close a sale. This concept of follow up in emails is very much related to consistent promotion. Because just like in follow up emails you change the copy and style - same here with running a marketing campaign. 


Consistent promotion means that you are not just sticking to one method of marketing, the same copy and same places. It means that you are consistently split testing your campaign, you are consistently opening up every door and trying new things...and all of this is done consistently over a period of time.


With consistent promotion comes experience and with more experience in your hands you will only get better and better at doing it.


Here at the Israel Exporter we have been and will be consistently promoting our members!

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