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P.O.B 15067 Matam, Haifa 31905
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Adi Dotan
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Leorex - Anti Wrinkle Cosmetics
Products Gallery
Anti Wrinkle cosmetics with unique formula and action. Anti Wrinkle Nano Formula is a product series for an immediate and long lasting reduction of wrinkle appearance by a purely physical process. The Anti-Acne line is a product series for rapid and lasting acne free skin, by a purely physical process, no side effects, and it is for mild and moderate acne: efficacy results over 85% clear skin... within 21-28 days! Leorex
  • Leorex Booster Gold - Luxurious real gold, embedded within Leorex Structures, works wonders on your skin.
  • LEOREX Night - For long lasting skin nourishing
  • Leorex Up-Lifting Wash -Up-Lifting Wash is formulated with Leorex's patented silica microstructures to get closer to your skin than any other skincare product – to cleanse even the deepest wrinkles
  • LEOREX™ Booster HWNB - Hypoallergenic Anti Wrinkle Nano-Booster
  • LEOREX™ Neck & Décolleté- Hypoallergenic Smooth Wrinkle Nano Formula - For instant visible effect and skin enrichment with essential oils
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