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The coolsense is a pre-injection device preventing any kind of pain or unpleasant feeling caused by injection's needle, or stab operation. The coolsense is made up of smart plastic casing contents of inner plastic sleeve with special design of metal head pin dipped in cooling liquid. On top of the unit you can find a plastic cover with sponge and alcohol (70% concentrated) , taking care for disinfection of metal head for its intended operation.The coolsense should be stored in a freezer cabinet for 40 minutes (controlled by color changed thermometer being attached to external body). In case of operation, the metal head is placed on body's point which you need to stab or inject and in average time of 4 to 5 seconds you can go on with needle various operations. You will get absolutely painless feeling. After taking out from freezer you can use it for about 10 minutes , than restore it for 20 minutes and than reuse it.
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