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Aroma Life is currently a leader on the Israeli market in a number of categories: * Vitamins for children: Medibear series of children's vitamins; Dora the Explorer Vitamin C & Multivitamin; * Aromatherapy : the Primavera Life essential oils; * Homeopathy for babies: the Dr. Yanshuf (Dr. Owl) series of homeopathic baby syrups; * Omega 3: the TRIOGUARD series; * PEGLAX : the solution to constipation without addiction * ALGICAL: the solution for heartburn and reflux * Gynecological products: Floragyn series of products including Floragyn ovules, Floragyn Lavage and Floragyn gel * Phytoguard: food supplement for reduction of cholesterol * CoQ10 : Ultrasome Q10 clinically proven Q10 * TEVA: exclusive distribution rights for a wide range of products. * CURADEN (SWISS): top quality dental apparatus. * BST:Bed Sore Treatment patented apparatus for the treatment of bed sores. Clinically proven.
  • Vitamins for kids
  • Nursing pads
  • Shampoo
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