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Nirlat - Colors Your Dreams
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Nirlat produces a wide range of products for home and industrial use, well-known for their quality and reliability. These include water-based paints for exterior and interior use, wood paints and powder paints as well as infrastructure products. Nirlat also manufactures products which provide advanced solutions for painting and maintaining aluminum surfaces, galvanized sheet metal, construction, bridges and various industrial surfaces. Each year, Nirlat exports tons of powder to American, Canadian and European markets.
  • Lotus M-30 is an elastic acrylic spackle suitable for decorative coating of external walls
  • Nirlat's colored plaster is intended for decorative coverings that protect indoor and outdoor walls
  • Selected projects that were coated with Vega plaster for an authentic, natural and special Mediterranean look.
  • Princess Room - Nirlat Colors
  • Wnny The Poo
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