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At SKS Innovating People, our main focus is on our customers as we provide them with dedicated, enthusiastic service. We take pleasure in fulfilling our customers' expectations regularly and always try to exceed them We strive to provide our customers with appropriate, individual quality, always observing the finer details.
  • Canaan Boutique Skincare Product line is a line of cosmetics orinated from the dead sea in Israel.
  • JENORIS is proud to present a series of professional hair products, developed by a team of professionals - chemists, pharmacists & hairdressers, using best quality raw materials
  • Bustan Abraham's premium brand is a collection of unique natural gourmet products, all made in the Galilee in Israel.
  • Tnuva is one of the Israel’s largest food conglomerate. Tnuva specializes in various types of fresh food, chilled and frozen, maintainindg a partial or complete chain of production, marketing and distribution to the end consumer.
  • Smartvend Ltd is a marketing company of the next geration vending machines - "Neo".
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