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Holy Land Tastes- Sweet gift box.


Spoil your friends and family with a mouth watering gift box, brimming with tasty items from the Holyland- the "Land of Milk and Honey"

Pure honey from the Mystical Jerusalem Mountains

Since Biblical times, pilgrims to the Holy City of Jerusalem have savored the sweet honey produced from the Thymus and Cephalaria flowers, as they made their way to the Holy sites for a quiet moment of prayer and sacrificial offerings.

Pure honey from the Sea of Galilee-

The hills and valleys of the Galilee have always been the home of prophets and visionaries. They no doubt enjoyed the sweet   Ziziphus and Eucalyptus blossom honey as they dreamed their dreams for a just and better world.

Mediterranean Honey dressing


This scrumptious marinade is made from the purest Galilee honey, with fresh garlic and the purest virgin olive oil. This traditional recipe will add zest and flavor to your fresh green salads, as you imagine the incredible beauty of Sea of Galilee in the valley below.
Pure honey from the Judean desert


From the solitude of the majestic Judean desert, we bring you a unique honey of exceptional quality, with flavors of the Papilionaceae and Compositae shrubs. Savor the subtle blend as you spend a quiet moment of contemplation.

Traditional Dates Marinade


Better known as Silan in the Middle East, this rich date "honey", overflowing with nutritious vitamins, will keep your guests on their toes, wondering what secret ingredient you have added to your Grill and BBQ delights. Made from juicy dates that grow near Jericho- the home of Joshua and his band of followers.


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