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DALI Medical Devices
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  • Safe Auto-Needle (SAN): The SAN is a Fearless single-use, disposable automatic needle with passive needle shielding. It can attach to any conventional plastic, pre-filled or dual-chamber syringe with luer-slip or luer-lock
  • SAN-DV: The Fearless SAN-DV is used with vial and a luer-slip or luer-lock empty or pre-filled syringe. It allows simplified reconstitution and aspiration from conventional vials, and features safety needle shielding throughout the process.
  • SAN-P: The Fearless SAN-P is a single-use, disposable safe and automatic needle device for pre-filled syringes with staked needles.
  • New Generation Auto-Injectors (Licensed to Elcam Medical)
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