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Products Gallery
  • Jaffa Orange theme on; Tote bags, napkins, placemats, aprons T shirts
  • Pencil roll with coloured pencils and a Ceramic bowls note book rolled up in a brightly printed roll, great gift for grown-ups and kids alike
  • Hand made ceramic bowls with Yiddish expressions printed on them
  • Ma Nishtana Apron, all over Matzah print
  • Seder Plate strikingly bold and modern design
  • Stationary range of note books and spiral pads on a large range of themes pomegranates, camels Jerusalem Jaffa oranges, Retro Israeli map
  • Greeting cards, range of colourful greeting cards with hearts as a central theme
  • Fig leaf apron, this Fig leaf theme figures on a large range of products, a clean bold design
  • Signature Pomegranate themed gifts, aprons Tote bag, dish towel
  • 12 Challah cover with polka dots that says Shabat Shalom, contemporary Judaic
  • Baby Bib on a matza theme
  • 10. Mitroshka dolls, the Mitroshka or Babushka theme is on dolls and bags and aprons and baby grows
  • Set of Love Ahava coasters, one of many popular themes, other designs include Yiddish expressions, retro Israeli maps, pomegranates and more
  • Mens BBQ Apron, King of the Grill, Melech Ha Mangal
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