Connect With Israeli Food Companies at Sial Paris! Products Gallery


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Products Gallery
Israeli food companies that will be attending - please email us at -
  • Wissotzky is the leading producer and exporter of tea in Israel
  • FuntasTea manufactures beverages uniquely sweetened with Stevia with no articificial or sugar additives.
  • Prince Tahina is the largest Tahini manufacturering plant in the Middle East
  • Carmit is the leading confectionary brand in Israel.
  • LemonTree is a lemon powder produced from fresh lemons that have been dried in a unique way which keeps the fresh taste and aroma of the lemon.
  • AL Arz Tahina is a leading manufacturer of premium Tahina and Halva products
  • PRI-CHEN is a leading Middle Eastern manufacturer of a wide variety of processed, pickled, and canned vegetables.
  • Sommer Café Automatic produces and markets more than 30 different tastes of powders (a few bland of cappuccino
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