Meet Israeli Exhibitors at Cosmoprof Asia


The Cosmoprof Asia show is right around the corner!

This year 15 leading and unique Israeli skin care, cosmetic & toiletries companies will be exhibiting at the Cosmoprof Asia show.


Distributors, agents, buyers etc..interested in scheduling a meeting with our companies exhibiting at the show - please email us at: Companies Exhibiting:



Christina develops specialized skincare solutions addressing a wide range of skin conditions for qualified skin professionals and their customers worldwide. Working together with a world-class team of scientists and cosmeticians, Christina utilizes powerful ingredients, up-to-date scientific research and advanced technology to produce a comprehensive range of effective products that deliver proven optimal results, promoting clear, healthy and younger looking skin.



Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs
Moraz Galilee Medical Herbs is an Israeli company that specializes in the development and production of paramedical skin treatments and cosmetics that are based on medical herb extracts. Moraz was established in 1984 by Eliyahu Yahel, one of the greatest researchers of herbs in Israel in partnership with a number of cooperative communities in the north of the country. In 2004, Moraz was bought by Antan Investment GmbH, owned by Robert Faktor and various Israeli investors. The new management invested in a branding process, new clinical and lab trials and global expansion. Moraz products have been successfully sold for the past 25 years in Israel and around the world, mainly in pharmacies, drug stores, beauty stores and Spa's.


Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories
Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories was established in 1957 as a professional cosmetic producer with only two products. Nowadays Gigi Cosmetic Laboratories has an array of over 400 quality products, dominates the professional cosmetic market in Israel, and exports its products worldwide.



Pollogen Ltd. is a global leader in the medical aesthetics market providing innovative, safe, and effective solutions for women and men that enhance and expand the practice of medical aesthetics professionals.



Looking forward to meeting you at the show!



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Re-Entering The French Market - Case Study


Elgo Irrigation Ltd ( is a global leader in the home watering market. As a world innovator, Elgo brings state-of-the-art solutions to the home garden, under the Elgo brand or private labels. Elgo integrates advanced water saving technologies to enable precise home irrigation, using global standards. Elgo provides its customers with unique logistic solutions for efficient and optimal delivery.
Elgo is currently supplying in over 30 markets.



The French Market
Up until recent months Elgo had offices in the French market. Recently the company decided on a change of direction: they were interested in closing the offices in France and working only via homeware and garden disributors to retail chains in France.


Sylimit Steps In 
Skylimit (Mother company of the was asked to help with the transition process and connect Elgo with distributors and schedule meetings in the French market.

Veronic Tzabari (Skylimit's Director of marketing for the French market) lead the campaign and successfully helped Elgo connect with the right distributors.


The Process:
After completing the research process and mapping out the potential distributors - six successful meetings were set up for Elgo with distributors in the French market. Each distributor expressed interest in distributing Elgo products to French retailers. Elgo is now deciding which distributors they would like to work with.

The entire process took three weeks.


Skylimit offers business development services in global markets. For each market we have regional directors who speak the language of that market. This offers a unique opportunity for companies seeking to quickly enter (or re-enter) new markets without having to hire in-house.



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Upgrade-Solutions Water Tanks - Case Study


Upgrade Solutions ( is a leading global provider of cutting edge emergency water supply systems and portable quick tanks for fish farming.


Upgrade Solutions has been working with the IsraelExporter over the last few years. The market is competitive and Upgrade Solutions was facing various business challenges.

Moshe Sharet (CEO of Skylimit and was called in to analyze the company's current business strategy and market potential in order to create the best business growth plan.
After a in-depth research and analysis process was completed - the following plan was recommended to Upgrade Solutions:

Step 1:
Emergency water supply systems also known as "portable water systems" can be used for a wide range of applications.
After analyzing all applications and markets - It was recommended to Upgrade Solutions to focus on one specific niche market right now and penetrate that market aggressively.


(Upgrade Solution Portable Water Tank)

Step 2:
Over the past few years Upgrade Solutions has been working with a distributor/partner in the EU market. Skylimit recommended to discontinue working with this distributor since they are not involved with niche market Skylimit recommended. The time and money invested working with this distributor could be used for more relevant and needed efforts.
Step 3:
Skylimit guided and connected Upgrade Solutions with the right strategic partners within this niche market and several meetings were arranged for Upgrade Solutions

As a result of one of the meetings - Upgrade Solutions recently received an order for 90 portable water units!

When working with a consultant - two things are very important:
1) The consultant must have knowledge across all industries
2) It is critical that the consultant brings to the table a wide variety of contacts from the many different industries
Skylimit and the have built up many contacts over the years across all industries. This allows us to effectively work with many different companies and above all to provide results.



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Meet Israeli Exhibitors at Cosmoprof Asia


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Upgrade-Solutions Water Tanks - Case Study


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