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  • Fortis Implant combines the advantages of both cylindrical and conical implant designs, providing minimal pressure on dense bone and slight bone compression
  • The WanŽ implant is a monoblock implant indicated in narrow alveolar ridges and where space is limited. The implant integrates its gold color superstructure, aimed for an immediate loading and suitable for use in all types of bone.
  • Implant Abutment Screw
  • Lamina Implants are the ideal solution for immediate loading and immediate implantation after extractions.
  • We carry a very large variety of different analogs for major systems that exist in the market.
  • Zirconia Abutments - Zirconia was introduced into dental implantology as an alternative to the metal abutments. Due to its biocompatibility,colour and its mechanical properties, Zirconia is a well suitable replacement for metal abutment.
  • We offer premium quality, compatible Multi System solutions, such as Ball Attachments, Multi Units Abutments & our unique Click-Peek Locators
  • Basic Surgical Kit - Kit Material: High Grade Stainless Steel -Very High Quality Silicone -Inserts Made in Europe
  • Castable / UCLA Abutments - Ideal Material for Accurate Casting
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