Interview With Sano

Today we are interviewing Israel Exporter member Max Kuperman. Max is the International Sales Manager for Sano Cleaning Products. We managed to catch Max for a short interview:

Max, please tell us about Sano



With annual sales of $300 million of its 600+ products, Sano is Israel's leading manufacturer and exporter of household cleaning chemicals and toiletries. We produce cleaning liquids, laundry detergents, toiletries, diapers & paper, air fresheners, and pesticides & insect repellants. We were established in 1965 and our shares began being traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 1982.

What markets is Sano currently active in?



Sano has an efficient and skilled export department that exports "Sano" brand products to numerous countries throughout Easter Europe, Western Europe, North and South America, Turkey, Jordan, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Greece, Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and more.

We understand that Sano is actively seeking buying managers and distributors -What are the advantages of becoming a Sano Distributor?



There are few advantages for becoming a Sano Distributor:

1. We have Over 600 products to choose from for every household cleaning problem!

2. We have special niche products

3. High quality products made in Israel

If buying managers or distributors are seeking more information I can be reached at: Max Kuperman Telephone: +972-50-661-4713 or via email:  - contact us today for an introductory discussion.

Are Sano products eco-friendly?  



Yes! Sano prides itself as an environmentally friendly company. For many of our products we minimize packaging, use biodegradable chemicals, develop refill bags, and more.




Thanks for your time Max.

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