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Moshav Kidron 96, 7095 Israel
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Daniel Wallach
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Company Profile
Since 2000. IRRIDAN has specialized in the design and implementation of agricultural projects worldwide, predominantly in major projects tailored precisely to customer needs and local conditions.All the Company’s projects in Africa, Mexico, countries of former Yugoslavia, the Caribbean and elsewhere, were planned and designed to account for climatic conditions, agronomic requirements, topography and, of course, the budget.IRRIDAN was established in 1995 to serve the...Read more

IRRIDAN provides agricultural products and inputs to entrepreneurs, farmers and other interested parties. Products include: greenhouses, shade and pest-netting, greenhouse films, growth bedding for hydroponic systems, irrigation systems, irrigation equipment, climate control systems, fertilizer systems, spraying, seeds, agricultural machinery, and more
Business Opportunity
Irridan would like to cooperate with a local company in the following regions: Russia, Macedonia, Turkey, India, Africa, Brazil, we are welcoming any cooperation from any other country as well.

We are seeking a strategic partner, one that can use IRRIDAN capabilities as an agriculture turnkey project company, and that IRRIDAN can use His Hers local connections in the agriculture arena.

Our goal is to provide our clients with high quality solutions for their agricultural needs and in a very...Read more
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