Israel Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry


23 Efal St. Kiryat Arye, POB 3286 Petah Tikva 49511,
Contact Person:
Shaul Lifshitz
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Israel Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Company Profile
The ICCCI and its management, services and network is the most effective partner for both Israeli and Czech business people, SME and large corporations who seek to enter or expand their activities in both countries. Our services reach a wide variety of business sectors and our methods based on personal and tailored level.Our founders and management team consist of distinguish and experienced Israeli business people, some of which are known as the most influential people in the Israeli...Read more

Company News
In April 2011 we participated in the "Israel Day at Skoda" which was organized by the sister chamber and the Israeli Embassy in Prague. The event included a lecture of the Israeli Ambassador, H.E Mr. Yaacov Levy and the Chairman of Skoda, Mr. Vachlanda. As well as a tour in Skoda museum and Skoda factory.

We are already undertaking the planning of several significant meetings, seminars and events in various industries. We hope to see you among our members.
Shaul Lifshitz, CEO

The Israeli Czech Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates under an innovative concept formulated internally. We believe a chamber must provide all the services a business needs when facing a new opportunity. This is why we created a customized One Stop store of services based on quality knowledge, loyal and professorial networking, efficiency and generally speaking a strait forward approach.

Networking Our professional networking is at your disposal. Law firms, accountants, translators, Insurance, media, accommodations, traveling and many more.

Consulting Opening and discussing new and additional ways for your business to meet its vision and goals in the Czech market.

Marketing Building a complete marketing strategy using our outsourced professional network.

Legal Services We offer access to our local legal partners in all legal aspects from Incorporation to due diligence in mergers and acquisition.

Strategic planning Use our market knowledge to assist you in tailoring a 3 to 5 years growth strategy

Market research We can advise and guide your process based on our excessive knowledge and experience.

Incorporation Detailed check list of steps for incorporation of legal entities, time management, contacts and cost analysis.

Financial services We can assist you with your financial plans as well as assist in identifying and corresponding with financial resources.

Business development We can connect you with local partners who will assist in development of your operations in the Czech market.

International trade Complete trading assistant and consultancy on significant import/export matters.

Business culture bridging We are familiar with both sides of the coin, and we can assist in overcoming the cultural gap in business customs.

Relocation assistant and information While branching out, we will be happy to provide information or assist your team in relocating all family members

Local networking events Participation and set up of various social events and professional seminars.

Local and International trade show assisting with logistic matters as well as representation services locally and abroad.

Events Lecturers, Networking, Business dinner, lunch, cocktails, fashion shows, cultural etc.
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