Israel Exporter Marketing - 101




In this article we would like to help you understand the basic marketing aspects of the Israel Exporter:


1. Google ad campaigns which will promote the entire website, specific catagories and companies.

2. General newsletters which will go out to Chambers of Commerce, Israeli embassies , foreign embassies, business development companies, business networks, and Jewish business groups .

3. Specific newsletters which will cover certain industries, and go out separately

4. Newsletters that will go out to Jewish communities

5. Highly effective social media marketing campaigns, especially with sites like LinkedIn.(Articles and updates will be posted in industry specific groups, allowing us to recruit subscribers to industry specific newletters.) We will utilize the various social media tools in order to leverage the sites exposure.

6. The Israel Exporter blog which will focus on specific industries and companies, Israeli economic news, as an ongoing news source for those who have not subscribed to the newsletter.

7. SEO campaigns - we will be running ongoing seo campaigns - link building, blogging etc.. to ensure that the sites specific catagories will have high rankings in the search engines.

Our newsletter will be focusing on specific industries in each issue. This means that we will choose content according to relevance or news worthiness. We will welcome news updates from companies to be included in the newsletters, we will also be selling banners on the newsletters.


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