Why Are Israeli Companies Joining the Israel Exporter Website?

The other day we were asked the following question: If all of these companies that are joining the Israel Exporter already have a website...why are they creating another mini-website on the Israel Exporter? 

When we speak to companies about the Israel Exporter they usually tell us the following: We know that we should be using the internet more for marketing and promotion its just that the costs for SEO is so much.....also our website just sits there with no action and we have limited access to the back-end as far as making changes and adding updates.... 

This is why companies are joining the Israel Exporter. 

Once companies begin to understand the power of leveraging their marketing efforts via joining the Israel Exporter they begin to see the many opportunities the internet can offer them in an extremely cost effective way - for just 99 shekels a month. 

We don't just focus on the SEO aspects of your mini website....we also utilize the many various social media and other related tools for promotion. We are constantly on the look out and seeking leads, opportunities and useful information for our members. When a lead comes in....it's sent immediately to the relevant member. 

This is why so many of Israel's Leading exporters are joining us.



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Brian Berman 
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